Furniture for Public Places

Furniture for Public Places

Because of the high quality and versatility of the furniture, Gymi Furniture is a perfect fit for schools, kindergardens, and other public spaces. The different pieces of furniture can be combined with each other in lots of different ways and this is why the set-ups or combinations are endless. The planks can be used as low desks where the pupils sit on the floor  or on cushions (in natural positions), or as high desks where the pupils stand at the desk. The desk changes quickly into a balance beam, slide or a parkour obstacle whenever you want to have some movement in the classroom.

Our products can be used in classrooms as well as in corridors. Because the different pieces of Gymi Furniture function as gym equipment, they naturally fit also in private gyms. The furniture is designed to promote balance skill acquisition as well as focusing and learning in class.

The story of Gymi Furniture began at the gym where you could never find good enough equipment to buy. In addition, the customers at the gym started asking for all kinds of gym equipment for their homes. Also, the children were playing Gymi at home. This must have been a sign! We had to begin designing and bringing Gymi Furniture into the places where children spent most of their time, that is homes, schools and other public spaces.

In addition to the furniture, our Gymi Education Program is available for kindergardens and schools as well as afterschool activities. The program includes teacher training as well as ready class materials. You can find more information about Gymi Education Programs on this website.

Gymi Furniture won the public vote in “The  Finnish Sport Product of the Year 2016” and the “Best Product to Promote Health, Fitness and Sports in the Classroom” in GESS Dubai 2020.

You can find most of the different pieces of furniture in our shop. If you are designing a public space and want to find a furniture solution, we are happy to help you. Please contact us by e-mail:

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