Gymi Furniture refurnishes learning environments

Basic motor skills are a requirement for learning more developed skills in sports as well as for cognitive learning. Today, children’s basic motor skills are often underdeveloped because of the minimal used time for physical activity and free play. That is why Gymi has put an effort in refurnishing environments with furniture and equipment which enhance the development of basic motor skills and motivate children to move. Gymi Furniture is suitable for private homes as well as for public places such as schools, kindergardens or gyms.

By Enhancing Movement, We Build a Basis for Cognitive Skill Acquisition and Create a Peaceful Learning Environment

– As we know, physical activity has a great impact on the brain. Movement not only enhances cognitive learning but also brings peace to the classroom, says Christina Nurmi, designer of Gymi Furniture and expert in childrens physical education who has been involved in several Active Schools –projects in Finland. After all testing you can really say that our convertible furniture in itself motivates the child to move in various ways simultaneously developing his/her motor skills. The furniture can be used in classrooms or corridors as tables and benches but also as gymnastics and parkour tracks – tracks for learning motor skills: jumping, hanging, swinging, climbing, moving on all fours etc. At the same time the children also develop their balance, co-ordination, flexibilty and body control – and very important – their self-awareness and self-esteem. By moving in various ways, the nervous system develops its extremely important network which is a basis for all cognitive acquisition.

With Gymi Furniture you can refurnish any space. The furniture series consists of wallbars, boxes, planks, ladders and bars. By combining these different elements, you can build various solutions. Gymi Furniture suits for all ages and it enables functional learning as well as gym classes. In addition to the wooden furniture, Gymi also has a metal rack system and soft equipment which can be combined with the wooden pieces in its selection. Gymi Furniture can be used in free play as well as in instructed classes.

Gymis Trainer Training – Gymi® License Ensures Quality in PE Class

Gymi offers Trainer training for teachers and other people who work with children. The training consists of modules for teaching motor skills. There is also a Gymi® License available.

More information about our furniture and training (license, franchising)